Please download our Foster Guide, and see below for frequently asked questions:

How does the process work?
Fosters apply through an application process similar to the adoption process. Once approved, we help you get set up with supplies and answer all questions you may have to prepare you for the arrival of your visiting bunny. This bunny is loved and cared for by you in your home until we find the perfect adoptive family for the bunny. Once this family is found, we coordinate with you and the family to all meet at one of our approved adoption sites to arrange the transfer and adoption paperwork.

How long am I expected to foster?
Every bunny is adopted at a different rate. Some hop off to their new homes within a week or two, while others require a soft place to land for several months. We will try to accommodate you with a bunny that fits your approximate time limits for fostering. If you are unable to continue fostering, we will transfer your little friend to a different foster as soon as possible.

What if I want to keep my foster bunny?
We are always happy to have a bunny find their new forever home. Just remember to let us know immediately if you decide to keep your foster. Once we have screened and approved an adoptive family for your foster bunny, we cannot stop the process and the adoption will go as planned with the new family.

What do I do if my foster bunny gets sick?
We handle all vet arrangements for all of our bunnies. Once approved as a foster, you will receive the foster guidelines, which will describe in detail the process for all veterinary care including spay and neuter surgeries. Luv-N-Bunns handles all veterinary costs and appointment arrangements.

How shall I house, feed, and care for my new foster bunny?
You will receive a foster packet with guidelines once you are approved to be a foster parent. These guidelines outline approved food, housing options, and all care requirements in line with Luv-N-Bunns policies. We also maintain close contact with all fosters to ensure that all questions are answered and you have everything you need!

Do I pay for all of my own supplies?
Fosters typically cover the cost of food and hay for their bunnies, as well as litter. We are always receiving donations of cages, pens, bowls and bottles and many other supplies so we are happy to set you up with anything you may need.

Should I let my current bunny play with my new foster bunny?
NO! The answer to this questions is definitely a no. Bunnies typically either bond or fight, and since we don’t want either scenario, we ask that you keep your own bunny separate from your foster bunny, unless you are attempting to bond them for a foster-to-adopt situation.

Can I change my foster bunny’s name?
We ask that you do not change any names, as it makes our record keeping very difficult. New adopters frequently change the names after adoption anyway. But we prefer to keep all names consistent with our intake paperwork and veterinary records.

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